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Character Portrait 18"x24" acrylic painting

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This item is hand-painted (no computers involved), from your photos and detailed information supplied about the person. It is an acrylic painting on 18"x24" stretched canvas, with finished edges so no need to frame. Once purchased, we will communicate closely through e-mail throughout the creative process, to assure that you receive a piece you will treasure! Allow 2-3 weeks for completion. Perfect gift for the person who has everything! Made in USA (NJ). Free USA Shipping. Email for cash and carry discount.

As a happy customer recounts: “Not too long ago, I was wracking my brain for an appropriate way to commemorate the 60th birthday of my beloved spouse. She and I have been married for nearly 40 years, and as one might imagine, finding a truly exceptional gift seems to be getting more and more difficult as time goes by.” “Then, luckily, something very fortuitous happened: Laura sat down across the table from me. Suddenly, all the tumblers clicked into place. I've been fortunate enough to know Laura for a few years, and have seen and been amazed by her art since Day One of our friendship. I knew instinctively she was the correct choice, so I explained my rapidly crystalizing desires to her: to create a portrait of my spouse that acknowledges and celebrates her age, her experience, her magical nature and her glowing essence, incorporating images and symbols from her life that she holds dear.” “The resulting portrait surpassed my highest expectations, has delighted all who have seen it, and captures her perfectly. I consider it a masterful achievement and a priceless work of art. Laura truly paints with talent, skill and deep insight.”

After placing your order, please send clear photo(s) of the subject to, and we'll begin the creative process right away!